How we got started

Plano Maintenance Inc. was founded in November 1999

Stephen Hansen Sr. founded Plano Maintenance as a general maintenance company in Plano, Texas. Steve Sr. spent 22 years in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Senior Chief . He then worked as the Maintenance Manager for Chrysler Motor Corporation in Toledo, Ohio. While there, he was in charge of 450 skilled trades. and found that his ability to run smaller crews would be a good break for him after 7 years. After Steve Hansen II finished his tour in the Navy he worked as Sales Engineer for Kiemle Hankins in Toledo, Ohio. After that, he joined his father to work with him in the business and it was during that time Plano Maintenance become Plano Maintenance Inc. and a premiere licensed HVAC company.

Taking exceptional care of our customers is our #1 goal

Steve II is now the President of Plano Maintenance Inc. performing sales service and repairs for Plano, Texas and surrounding areas. He and his father still continue to serve the same customers they have worked with since 1999. Plano Maintenance Inc. business has thrived because of the pride and dedication to taking care of the customer as the #1 goal.

Plano Maintenance Inc is a referral driven company.

Approximately 60% of new customers are referrals.